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Barriers to Self Care

Posted on November 22, 2021 by Frankie Gullotta

I Think there are several key reasons why mothers find it difficult to take care of themselves:

* Time - One of the significant obstacles to self-care is the feeling that there is just not enough time. Going from leisurely lunches with friends (before the days of motherhood), to sleepless nights, packed lunches and car pooling, is a massive adjustment. Often we're left feeling stretched for time.

Multiple Role Players - In the modern society, moms play several roles - everything from career professional, soccer mom and committee volunteer, to chauffeur and housekeeper. How do we find time for ourselves while juggling all those roles?

* Guilt - Feelings of guilt play a massive role in why moms spend time taking care of these. Guilt can be associated with being away from our family because of work commitments, taking an hour when there already appears to be so much to do, or simply trying to do something that's important to us and doesn't involve the family.

As mothers, we think that by being away from our children, or not between them in virtually everything we do, we're somehow not living up to our duties and obligations.

* Perfectionism - The demand for perfection in our own lives is just another barrier to self-care. Perfectionists are constantly seeking that ultimate feeling of having everything under their control, often not performing (or enjoying) anything unless it could be done perfectly.

* Seeking perfection in our self-care can lead to not engaging in it whatsoever. Self-care can not wait until everything else is perfect.

At times you'll have to forego the housework, committee meeting or staying late at work. Not all things can be completed before integrating self-care in your day. For perfectionists, this idea is a tough one, therefore adding to the negligence.

* Lack of Service - Lacking a service system is a frequent reason many moms don't participate fully in their self-care. Many girls may not have the support of a spouse or family members to help out so as to give them time to themselves.

* Poor social supports and couple friendships can add to the lack of relationship women feel occasionally. This emotional connection is vital for your health and happiness, and it's also a * significant part of self-care.

* Finances - Financial status may also play a role in the frequency in which women participate in their own self-care. Often moms conclude that if only they had more money they would take better care of themselves.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why we as moms may put self-nurturing in the bottom of our listing. For our own health and happiness however, we will need to begin moving it up to the top.