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Who's Listening?

Posted on June 3, 2021 by Frankie Gullotta

Among the nicest things we could do for someone is just to listen and show genuine interest. So many people in the"ME" generation listen to their own"agenda," as if to say,"I have something a lot more important to say than anything it is you're saying."

Listening is integral to learning. The excellent Greek Philosopher Socrates'invented' what's come to be known as the Socratic Method. Socrates went around asking questions of everyone and then he listened quietly ,not interupting the speaker and absorbing every word. Doctors, salespeople and attorneys would be at a massive disadvantage if they weren't good listeners. To listen means not wanting to advance what you need to say but to grasp exactly what is stated. How can a student advancement if he does not listen? Socrates was a pupil of the'art of listening' and consequently became very learned.

Listening is also a necesssary part of"dialogue." The first two letters of the word dialogue'di' means 2. How can there be dialogue unless both parties are listening to one another?

Next time you see a crime drama, look closely at the questions asked and watch that the inquisitor's focus and also the follow up questions asked. There's a clear discernable sequence to the followup queries. Why? Since the Inquisitor was listening.