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The Cost of Ignoring our Past

Posted on January 16, 2024 by Frankie Gullotta

Have you ever really tried of forgetting a thing that happened during the past and placed it in your subconscious mind yet it still haunts you? A few of you have, I'm sure. There is a point in someone's life that sometimes forgetting is how they see their problems resolved. However the more they don't really face it, the more the issue becomes bigger plus they won't be in a position to already have it resolved.

Problems ought to be faced rather than to be slept on, ignored, forgotten or set aside in some sort of box. It is best to remember that once you are confronted with problems you cannot solve, it is best to get advice.

Ignoring our past makes us an incomplete person. Once you reach solve an issue, doesn't it make one feel good? You can find instances that you are feeling like you're free, certainly and without worries. Wouldn't you accept that sort of feeling than to let an issue bug you later on?

If you do not learn how to solve your problems, the trend is to seek the advice of individuals around you prefer your friends, your loved ones or perhaps a shrink? There's just no justification for you yourself to ignore an issue and ensure it is your "past". People say "days gone by is past". Yes, this is a past, but if there's something unresolved for the reason that past then there is a problem looking forward to you. Don't allow the issue control you later on.

The cost of ignoring our past particularly when you can find problems involved is repulsive. You might never how it gets back at you. It could keep coming back with a whim and strike at you without you knowing, or it could hit you hard and enable you to loose in the fight as you didn't face it.